Golang Sublime autocomplete – broken after go1.11 released – how to fix


24 August 2018 Golang v1.11 was released

This is great news and many developers expected changes which appeared in this version of the language. But Developers who uses Sublime Text with GoSublime plugin, expected an unpleasant surprise. GoSublime uses nsf/gocode package to make Sublime powerful IDE for GoLang developers. But it stop working because it doesn’t support the new Go package format.

If you want to fix it ASAP, you have to switch to development branch.

git clone https://git.kuroku.io/GoSublime -b development


How to Fix

  1. Uninstall GoSublime
  2. Run the command git clone https://git.kuroku.io/GoSublime -b development to install GoSublime from the development branch. (I’m a MacOS use to package folder located at ~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 3/Packages)
  3. Restart Sublime Text
  4. Enjoy

Golang is fun